The Flutter 3D rendering library.

Published on 1/10/2021


One of the features of SpaceScripting aims to visualize massive collections of points in 3D space. However, Flutter, the framework I used, has very limited 3D capabilities. It only offers a “draw vertices” function, which is not enough to create complex 3D shapes. Moreover, most of the existing 3D libraries rely on WebGL, which were not performant on large datasets nor compatible with mobile devices. To overcome this challenge, I decided to use my 3D expertise and dive into some math books. I re-learned how to use matrices, trigonometry, and other mathematical concepts to manipulate 3D vertices. Then, I developed DiTreDi, a library that stands for “The 3D”. DiTreDi allowed me to create stunning 3D graphics with Flutter, without depending on WebGL.

Tech Stack

The library is built with Flutter Canvas, triangles and matrix calculations.

The Launch

  • Published in 2021 on pub.dev.
  • Used by a few companies, including Medis Imaging (healthcare) for vessel contrast images: Vessel Contrast